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SHINSEGAE I&C's first self-service store in South Korea offers a vision of the retail distribution store of the future that is the convergence of AI-based retail technologies.

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Competitiveness that an offline store

must have to compete in the non-contact era






Waiting line

After entering the store with a simple authentication and spending time shopping freely, shoppers can simply pick up what they want to buy, and exit the store.

Payment for the goods are automatically processed!

Step 1.  Scan

Different modes of entering a store are available (QR code authentication)

· The payment method can be designated on the SSG Pay App (mobile simplified payment).

· QR codes are issued at the store kiosk for credit or check cards.

Step 2.  Pick

A new shopping experience is provided

· Customers can just stroll around the store while shopping and all purchases are automatically recognized.

· A customer can talk to the chatbot if he/ she has questions.

Step 3.  Go

Exit the store through the gate without a counter

· Purchases of goods will be paid for using the payment mode confirmed when a customer enters the store.

· An electronic receipt will be issued through a mobile device.

A new shopping experience is provided for the lifestyle of customers who use offline stores.

The following are the actual reviews by people who visited the Emart 24 Smart COEX store.




Recognition of product and purchasing

Customer behavior is analyzed by combining 2D camera images and 3D LiDAR sensor data

Integrated monitoring

Information within the store is gathered in real-time and sent to the general control center in the form of an alarm and notification

Automated payment service

Cloud payment function using the app and credit card that are authenticated when customers enter the store

Speech service

Information needed by customers, such as product information, location information, and event information, are provided

The store can also be built as a hybrid store which can be viewed as various configurations of unmanned stores and unmanned + manned stores.


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