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A smart retail platform of the future that contains a streamlined version of Amazon technology for the Korean market

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Smart Shelf & Vending machine can be operated like a small retail distribution store. If they are set up in a traditional retail distribution store, the store can be operated as a manned/ unmanned hybrid store.

No restrictions

on retail shelving

· A wide range of products can be placed on shelves, not just beverages

· Sales can be increased by raising the unit prices

No restrictions on 

operating hours and space

· Unmanned sales is enabled during after-hour operating hours of the store

· A store-within-store can be set up in a surplus space

Diverse functions are provided

· Multiple payment methods are supported, including credit card and simplified payment

· Function for planning convenience store level events

Convenient management of store operations

· Provides tools for remotely managing product displays/ inventories

· No need for full-time store clerks, use of resources are minimized

Smart Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machines which combine traditional vending machines with 'KIOSK with Cloud POS', can be used as a single stand-alone store.


· Support for different types of payment methods

· Support for promotions like

buy 1, get 1 pricing discounts

· Payment can be made up to a maximum of 5 products all at once


· A wide range of products can be displayed and sold

· Products can be managed in real time through the mobile back office

· Refrigerated/ room temperature products can be displayed and sold

Physical Space

· Up to 8 vending machines can be connected

· Vending machines can be operated based on the space size

· Vending machines can be deployed flexibly to reflect the concept of the store

Unmanned store

Products are sold through vending machines installed in leftover spaces or separate spaces in a store.

manned/unmanned hybrid store

Labor costs are reduced and additional sales are generated with overnight unmanned operations, while being manned in daytime.

Event Zone

Vending machines are used to dispense free gifts and lucky boxes by event organizers to attract visitors and save on operational costs.

Smart shelves can be used in all spaces and all kinds of venues without any spatial constraints.

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