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A smart retail platform of the future that contains a streamlined version of Amazon technology for the Korean market

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Smart Shelf & Vending machine can be operated like a small retail distribution store. If they are set up in a traditional retail distribution store, the store can be operated as a manned/ unmanned hybrid store.

No restrictions

on retail shelving

· A wide range of products can be placed on shelves, not just beverages

· Sales can be increased by raising the unit prices

No restrictions on 

operating hours and space

· Unmanned sales is enabled during after-hour operating hours of the store

· A store-within-store can be set up in a surplus space

Diverse functions are provided

· Multiple payment methods are supported, including credit card and simplified payment

· Function for planning convenience store level events

Convenient management of store operations

· Provides tools for remotely managing product displays/ inventories

· No need for full-time store clerks, use of resources are minimized

Smart Shelf

Smart shelves is a smart retail solution that combines 'product shelves' that are easily found in distribution retail stores with various technologies like AI Vision technology, Deep Learning, and weight sensor fusion.

The first-ever

in the industry!

Product recognition technology that integrates sensor fusion (loadcell) and AI vision is provided.

Sensor fusion

Adopted for multiple load cell shelves Senses product weight information

Computer vision

Users snapshot method: accuracy is increased.

Recognition of purchased product: product in & out.

Unique in South Korea

After obtaining customer authentication, a customer just picks up the product, closes the door, and the payment is completed!

Without having a separate process for product barcode scanning or process for payment, when customers open the door and grab a product, the relevant product info. is processed. Customers can take advantage of a completely new convenience when shopping.

Product recognition rate of around 99.9%

The stable operation of the unmanned store is attainable since the recognition error rates of purchased products are minimized.

Easy non-stop payment

Once the credit card is authenticated, the process leading in payment is a non-stop and seamless.

Customers who are first-to,e users will have no problem making a purchase.

Non-face-to-face purchasing is a growing trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the ripple effect of increasing public interest in non-contact retail, leading to a greater need for unmanned stores.

Even a small space will do

The smart store experience can be created with multiple products on sale in surplus or unused spaces of minimal size.

Smart shelves can be used in all spaces and all kinds of venues without any spatial constraints.

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