Self Check Out

Purchasing trends in the non-contact era

The Spharos self-checkout counter lets customers purchase goods and make the payments by themselves. It is South Korea's first self-checkout counter to provide a new payment channel with several different payment options for customers to choose from, such as paper gift certificates.

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Spharos Self Check-out (SCO) is a self-checkout counter for the Korean market that doesn't require customers to wait in line when making payment.

For customers with a small number of purchases, SCO provides convenience because it reduces the waiting time to make payments.

Improved efficiency in operations

Improved productivity from store workers

and reduced operational costs

Increased customer satisfaction

Reduced payment waiting times

for customers with small purchases

Non-contact payment

A non-contact payment channel is provided to meet the accelerating trend of non-face-to-face purchasing behavior.

Spharos SCO

✔ Diverse payment modes are available

· Different payment methods are supported, i.e. credit cards, simple payment APP, gift certificate, etc.

· Through customizing to meet customer demands, additional functions can be equipped.

 Enhanced security features

· Weight checking feature prevents missed scans and thefts (losses).

· Auxiliary security features are in the form of self-check out zone and in-device scan images.

 Customized Hardware

· H/W can be set up to match the actual environment, i.e. hypermarkets, small and medium sized stores.

· Interior elements can be added.

 Flexible Software

· Editing/ changing the program to comply with customer requirements is easy.

· SHINSEGAE I&C can develop a new software in a short time-frame with its internal team of SW developers.

 Emergency impairment response system

· In case of an impairment, it is possible to immediately detect the nature of impairment, while doing rapid resolution and improvement of impairments and feedback.

Product Line-up

Multiple lineup per payment method (card, cash, gift coupons, etc.) are supported.

Besides the basic product lineup, components can be selected and customization to match customer company requirements is also capable.

* Payment methods supported by card-type SCO: credit cards, check cards, cash IC, simplified payment

   (SSGPAY, SamsungPay, KakaoPay, Naverpay, Zeropay, etc.)

Status of Deployment

Store owners are increasingly feeling the need to introduce Spharos SCO and we are continuously expanding its supply.

By using domestic vendors instead of overseas ones, costs of equipment can reduced and furthermore, the shipment of equipment will be more quickly delivered.

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