Integrated security platform for safe smart stores

The platform allows store operators to easily track areas like received shipments, shelving, inventory management, as well as IoT sensors equipped for the safety of store operations.

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Spharos OneView detects potential risk/ hazard factors to the store and informs store operators in real time. Through the platform's remote control functions, store operators can operate and manage the unmanned store at any time and from anywhere.

Communication with the control platform

The current status of the store is quickly gathered, and the information is sent to mobile devices, PCs and all other monitoring environments.

CCTV camera surveillance

The current status of the store can be easily monitored from anywhere using mobile devices and PCs.

Quick control and remote control

Remote control features include the capability to control the power fed to the access authentication terminals, the opening/ closing of store entrances/ exits and the anti-crime deterence system.

sending messages of alert

In the event of an unusual situation in the store, the store operator is notified through Messenger Apps and SMS.

Reporting incidents to the police in an emergency

In an emergency at the store, the store operator can press an alert button to summon a quick help response.

Statistics Report

Through the User Interface, users can at a single glance check statistical data such as the number of customers who visited the store during the hours when its self-security system is in operation, and the number of unusual events.

Through fast reception and resolution in the event of an unusual situation at the store, Spharos OneView minimizes risks by helping operators quickly respond.

Integrated management platform

With one single app, you can conveniently manage and control your store.

My Store

Check the status of each store, visitors on a specific day, sales generated on a specific day, and also control the system.

Store management status

At a single glance, check the current status of your store and all the steps/ actions taken by the store manager.

Handle emergencies

The manager working for the client business can immediately confirm the sudden situation and take the necessary measure.


The management status of the entire store is presented through a visual screen that can be checked at a single glance.

Growing number of unmanned stores,

the store management security can be enhanced in the face of rising security threats.

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