AI Vision

The core automation technology that continues improving in the non-contact era

Using the data obtained through diverse sensors, Spharos Vision provides AI vision technologies optimized for the retail industry, such as customer location tracking, customer behavior recognition, and product identification.

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Through our experience and know-how gained through launching South Korea's first unmanned store, Spharos Vision provides the best AI vision technology which is perfectly suited to the non-contact era.

Deploy a system for store

management automation

Acquire data needed for

establishing a marketing strategy

Provide a new shopping

experience to customers

Point 1   Using Vision technologies, convenience stores, grocery marts, departments can be operated as a smart store.



SHINSEGAE I&C's AI Lab, comprised of the country's top AI experts, makes continuous improvements to AI vision technologies in order to provide new customer experiences.

LiDAR Tracking

Customer locations in 3D are estimated using LiDAR

Track and restore customer data hidden in shaded areas

Minimize errors caused by the personal belongings of customers

Action Analysis

Recognize the customer behavior patterns for purchases and returns

Comprehensively analyze LiDAR and camera information

Purchasing behavior patterns can be detected even in situations when customers are clustered together.

Object Detection

Detect illegal activities by customers

With the latest deep learning model, accuracy in product recognition is improved (98%)

Identify similar products whose weights are similar

Deep Learning

Automated product learning algorithm

AI-based product recognition model learning

Spharos Vision can be applied immediately without a separate process for learning

Experience business innovation through AI vision technologies that are optimized for the retail industry.

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