AI Tracer

Find meanings in the patterns of customers' retail footprint.

Based on insights learned from customers' retail journey, valuable insights are gathered at every moment from their entrance to exit, such as where the customer is headed or what his/ her preferences are.

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Spharos AI Tracer carefully analyzes customers' preferences and provides key insights to store operations through sophisticated segmentation.

Analyze patterns of
customers' foot traffic

Analyze the overall foot traffic of customers in indoor and outdoor areas while abiding by de-identification principles.

Analyze the market share
in each area

Analyze for each area, the market share of individual customers who visit the store.

Analyze the level of customer
interest level in real-time

Track customers' foot traffic and analyze the level of customer interest in real-time.

Provide super-personalized ads

Provide DID-linked super-personal advertisements that reflect customer preferences and analyze the ensuing effects.

Analyze sales promotion events

A comparative analysis of the actual interest level of customers and classify customers into groups entering the event zone.

Analyze brand correlation

Provide insights on cross-brand synergy by tracking a customer's foot traffic to other brands at the store entrance.


By precisely tracking customers in 3D by using AI vision-based LiDAR technology to analyze and extract the customer data, customers' foot paths can be designed to optimally capture their attention.

Advanced AI technology

Synergy is created for both retail service efficiency and store operation improvements

by combining SHINSEGAE I&C's AI technology elements.

Lightening based on


Real-time service through web and apps

Diverse analytical tools

are provided

Secure the flexibility of

de-identification data

Time series-based object

inference and restoration

Acquire 3D-based

spatial data

The meaning in a customer's journey can be analyzed and the utility value of diverse services can be increased.

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