AI Forecasting

Detailed insights gleaned from data analysis

For the complex distribution market of the modern era, the optimal volume of purchase orders can be estimated by predicting the demand level for products through detailed forecast data. Other insights are also provided such as event effect analysis and price optimization.

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Using machine learning, Spharos AI forecasting collects and analyzes internal/ external Big Data, and then provides MLOps* function.

*Machine Learning Operationalization Management

Derived Variable

Generate a variable that reflects the time-series sales pattern of the product


Group similar products based on their characteristics and attributes

External Features

 Analyze demand factors with external data (weather, economy, trend, etc.)

Price & Promotion

Create an event trend index and reflect the price elasticity of the product

Text Embedding

Create an embedding vector that

reflects the meaning of the text

Explainable AI

Obtain reliability of demand forecasting

values through AI that is interpretable

Flexible deployment that
meets customer needs

Flexible deployment that meets customer needs

Customers can efficiently use the platform by choosing either physical deployment (On-Premise) or Cloud (SasS), depending on the their business circumstances.

*With SaaS-type billing, because users can quickly use the AI service by just paying an affordable monthly fee with no upfront installation cost, a 'Quick Win' is within reach.

forecasting model

As the IT company of the SHINSEGAE Group which is the top-ranked retail distributor in South Korea, SHINSEGAE I&C possesses experience and know-how doing business with department stores, grocery marts, conveniences, and logistics providers.

SHINSEGAE I&C employs data scientists with specialized expertise, working in the distribution arena to develop demand forecast services that use machine learning to provide a service that is optimized for each customer.

Security System

SHINSEGAE I&C is an advanced consulting partner for AWS. Our company has MSP experts with AWS Retail Competency certifications who manage the valuable information data of customers in a safe and systemized manner.

Minimize losses and maximize profits

Accurate demand forecasting plays the key role of allowing manufacturers and retailers to establish strategic plans for generating sales revenues by studying and analyzing ordering, purchasing patterns, and customer demand.

Reduce opportunity losses by minimizing low inventory

Minimize waste caused

by excessive inventory

Maximize sales&profits with

an optimal marketing campaign

Through precise forecasting, demand forecast data can be used for a wide range of services like inventory management and marketing.

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