AI Chatbot

Interactive AI solution that maximizes users' experience.

Natural language processing and semantic analysis are used to comprehend the user's question from a complex dialogue and then send the 'desired answer' within a natural dialogue.

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The AI-based Spharos AI chatbot analyzes customer intentions and uses a natural interactive interface, let alone offering simple automated counseling.

Natural dialogue

Capable of natural dialogue

as if speaking to a live person

Counsellor messenger

User's manual on AI-based response/

Function for recommending an answer and analyzing intent in real-time

Integrated search function

Function for searching the desired information from past conversation records

Messaging & marketing

Function for sending notifications on promotions by each customer segment and customer communication channel

Chatbot utilization statistics

Visualization of statistical data

such as use data per intent, 

data on non-replies

Legacy system

Function for retrieving information by connecting customer database

with the legacy system

Point 1   Installation/ operational costs are lowered by instating the AI model allows services with the CPU and enabling training for learning and reasoning utilizing less data than other competitors.

by using Spharos AI Chatbot

Raise the quality of counseling

and lower operational costs

24hours 365days

Customer service is provided 24/7, 365 days a year with no restrictions on operating hours.

Enhanced workflow capabilities

Reply processing throughput increased by 20-fold with the chatbot-based inquiry response.

Chatbot to marketing

A one-stop solution for chatbot, counselor, messenger, CRM, and marketing services.

Enhanced work efficiency

Simple inquiries can be minimized by up to 80% and lead time for answers can also be shortened (answers are provided in real-time).

Point 2   Expansion with 'Voice Chatbot' is available which utilizes voice recognition and voice synthesis technologies.

Chatbot application areas

SHINSEGAE I&C's chatbot technology can be applied to many different areas.

Customer service



Virtual assistant

Try out the chatbot platform for NLP technology-based natural language conversation processing.

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